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I am a natural-born storyteller who is passionate about bringing compelling stories to life on the stage, and I have had the privilege of telling meaningful stories through my experience as a director, producer, and writer, for both theatre and film. For me, my work in the theatre has been so much more than a career—creating and making theatre is my calling, and I have committed my purpose to telling stories that have the power to change lives. I love the theatre because it is the great equalizer--it is a place for us to all come together and share in the celebration of the human experience while experiencing and learning about what makes us different and what makes us the same as human beings in our current world.

As an artist, I am immensely passionate about the discovery and development of new works and artists as well as producing high-quality, existing works, and I believe in the importance of staging unique, pioneering plays and musicals which represent diverse voices and backgrounds and will set the scene for theatre of the future. It is my hope to reach a greater range of theatergoers and even attract a new generation of theatergoers by cultivating theatre which is both relevant and accessible. My desire is to promote the theatre in today’s society and economy by bringing meaningful and diverse theatrical experiences to all people, cross-culturally and cross-generationally.


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